Editorial Services

  1. Copy Editing
    Copy editing entails reviewing content before layout to ensure that text is clear, grammatically correct, accurate, and consistent. It includes correcting the following: • Grammatical errors • Spelling mistakes • Punctuation problems • Inconsistent capitalization, date style, and number style • Inconsistent or incorrect terminology • Unparallel copy • Ineffective passive voice constructions • Inconsistent internal facts • Confusing information
  2. Proofreading
    Proofreading entails reviewing content after layout to correct errors in the text and design. It includes correcting the following: • Typos • Any remaining grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors • Design inconsistencies • Inaccurate headers • Inaccurate page numbering • Bad end-of-line breaks • Inappropriate page breaks • Inappropriate placement of artwork • Inaccurate cross-references • Partially hyperlinked URLs
  3. Stylistic Editing
    Stylistic editing entails clarifying meaning, ensuring that text flows smoothly, and polishing language. It includes correcting the following: • Long or complicated paragraphs and sentences that don't convey the intended meaning • Jarring transitions between sentences or paragraphs • Tables and figures that don't clearly convey the intended meaning • Awkward phrasing • Inconsistent style and tone • Jargon and vocabulary that's inappropriate for the intended audience
  4. Project Management
    Editorial project management entails coordinating the editorial process—which includes copy editing, proofreading, overseeing photo and literary permissions, and reviewing final pages.