Professional Editing

For over 20 years, Claudia Forgas has offered professional freelance editorial services to educational publishers, trade publishers, corporate clients, and government clients.

She is specialized in copy editing, proofreading, stylistic editing, and project management.

How It All Started
As a research assistant, Claudia undertook the proofreading of Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing research articles. She discovered that she loved proofreading and was told that she was a natural. The seeds for her editorial career had been planted!

An Unwavering Drive for Editorial Excellence
Claudia is passionate about editing. Ultimately, she knows that editing is about quality control and helping clients communicate effectively with their audience. As an experienced editor, she understands that clear, engaging, and accurate content builds credibility. As a thoughtful and respectful editor, she listens to her clients and adapts to their needs. Clients can count on her to provide high-quality editorial services in a range of subject areas and genres.

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What Clients Say
"What impressed me so much about your work (and I have worked with many editors!) was that each time you proposed a change, you "got it"—you never changed my intended meaning or nuance. Rather, you suggested a rewording that made the message clearer. Your work was so thorough, even though the turnaround times were deadly!  I thought the quality of your work was excellent—and the good humour and patience you exhibited throughout made it an absolute pleasure to work with you." Rena Shimoni, Educator and Author of Working with Families

"I've had the pleasure of working closely with Claudia on many different projects over the past few years and have found her professional, intelligent and proactive approach shines through in all that she does. Her uncompromising commitment has, on more than one occasion, elicited praise from discerning clients. Whenever editorial services are a required component for a project, Claudia's skills and talents ensure a high quality outcome." Edina Cappuccitti, Design & Account Manager, Anatstat, Health Education Media

"In addition to being meticulous in her work and professional in her manner, Claudia brings considerable experience and expertise to projects. Her analytical approach means that she doesn't just "do the job"—she offers the added value of problem solving and insightful input. Claudia's capable of seeing the "big picture" and paying attention to detail, and can work to deadline with grace and good humour. I look forward to working with her again." Jinnean Barnard, Principal, Red Spider Ink

  1. Detail oriented
    Detail oriented
  2. Responsive
  3. Dependable
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